Monday, July 23, 2012

Images for "Unser Star für Deutschland 2012" by gergana

Also this season, I will attend. My candidate has good requirment. she is the cousin of hope. With hope I've at least managed to place second
Unfortunately it is not quite so far managed to Destiny. They only managed to place fourth

So here the Pictures.

First Task - Take a picture of the job before your Simin has applied to USFD 2012 - CC, pose player, image editing, collages are allowed. The background must be out of the game.

Destiny USFD while before one of her other dreams had come true and although she wanted to become a fashion phenomenon. This, of course, she studied fashion design. In every free minute she sits on the drawing board and designing new clothes. She also makes the finished creations in a small salon in her best friend from NewSunsetValley Katalina must serve will always try to

Second Task - you make a New Year's Eve party at a retirement home. You may like to make a demonstration there, or even use the help.
The old people are supposed to be seen, however, have your simin the focus and the background must be out of the game.
CC Poseplayer and processing images are allowed. PLEASE DO NOT COLLAGES!

Third Task - making a picture about love / romance - if your Simin has a friend he may of course in the picture, unless it can be any model. CC, pose player, collages, picture editing is allowed. Background must be out of the game.

4th Task - promoting "Our star for Germany 2012" - the logo must be used.

5th Task - book cover, "My road to stardom"

6th Advertising "Lipstick"

7th Task - a picture of "luxury PUR" background from the game.

8th Task A picture of "dream"

9th Task - advertising "sneakers" - the background of the game.

10th Task - you go to the fashion weeks in Paris, New York and Milan, makes a picture there in the particular city, it must be recognized, it must not necessarily be on the Fashion Week.

11th Task - a picture of "Viva Las Vegas"

12th Task - "Moving" pack your bags, it is moving! Background from the game.

 First task Cover of Fashion Magazine "Our Star 2012"
Second task Picture of "FANTASY"
Third task Pose a gala party with a star. BG out of the game

after this round of the competition ended for me.

Images for "Unser Star für Deutschland 2011" by gergana

here are my pictures from this competition. here I made ​​it to 2nd place

1.Task - Fishing (that was my first pic i ever edit :D)

2.Task - Beach Party 

3.Task - Freedom for yourself

4.Task - Hiking

5. Task - LifeWish (Champion of Arts - This is one of my Favorite Pictures)

6. Task - Promotional Poster

7. Task - Family and Friends

8. Task - Business Woman

9. Task - Horror Shoting

10. Task - Cherity for Kids in the World

11. Task - Time to Relax

12. Task - Show Movies (we had to make four filmposter.)

 13.Task - Show your Outfit for the Final, moderating a TV broadcast and make a promotion Poster for Sims3 Pets

"Unser Star für Deutschland" was my First Competition. through this competition, I learned to edit pictures.

Images for "BigBrother by Annett85"

Today i will you only show some Pictures i made for a competiton in the German Sims 3 Off

The theme was turn your sim into a star. The star has to be recognizable.

Who could be that?

More competition pictures follow soon. :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joshua van Felton

He is the eldest siblings of 3. The other two will follow later.
I made Joshua for the Winner of my Competiton in the Offical Sims 3 Forum Marron1.

Here he is.