Monday, July 23, 2012

Images for "Unser Star für Deutschland 2011" by gergana

here are my pictures from this competition. here I made ​​it to 2nd place

1.Task - Fishing (that was my first pic i ever edit :D)

2.Task - Beach Party 

3.Task - Freedom for yourself

4.Task - Hiking

5. Task - LifeWish (Champion of Arts - This is one of my Favorite Pictures)

6. Task - Promotional Poster

7. Task - Family and Friends

8. Task - Business Woman

9. Task - Horror Shoting

10. Task - Cherity for Kids in the World

11. Task - Time to Relax

12. Task - Show Movies (we had to make four filmposter.)

 13.Task - Show your Outfit for the Final, moderating a TV broadcast and make a promotion Poster for Sims3 Pets

"Unser Star für Deutschland" was my First Competition. through this competition, I learned to edit pictures.

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