Monday, July 16, 2012

Joshua van Felton

He is the eldest siblings of 3. The other two will follow later.
I made Joshua for the Winner of my Competiton in the Offical Sims 3 Forum Marron1.

Here he is.

His Story:

Josh comes from a noble house. His family is almost entirely Lucky Palms. To fame and fortune they brought it with her ​​chain of casinos and one or the other happy request at the wishing well.

Josh, however, has distanced himself from his family. he wants to achieve what no lazy tricks in his life. The rebel that he has always been since childhood, so he is the black sheep of the family - and proud of it XD

Features: charismatic, ambitious, good kisser, Rebellious, snob

Favorites: songwriter, Black, Sushi

Zodiac: Leo

More Pics:

Its The Skinny Jeans with/without cuffs <3

Spelling and grammar mistakes can you keep. I no longer need.XD